Excel Children's Care Uganda   

supported by Uganda-Hilfe Heilbronn e.V. 

non-Profit organization in Germany 

school and orphanage 

We provide schooling and accommodation to underprivileged and abandoned children in Uganda.

Together with COVSEI, Masaka we give the older Kids the Chance to get a profession


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Excel Children's Care is a registered Community Based Organisation that receives no help financially from aid agencies or the government.

school and orphanage  

Excel Children's Care was started in 2010 by Mr Fortunate Kibombo.  He saw the amount of young children living alone after losing one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, others had been abandoned, sometimes the parents were just too poverty stricken and could no longer care for the children.  It was then he decided to rent a block of land in the village, gather all the children in need and build a home and school for them.

Initially, there were just 8, but now there are 32 girls and 29 boys living in his care aged 5-14 years old. 

Counting the ones not living in the orphanage there are 120 Children at the orphanage school.

Children with HIV/AIDS are taken in and cared for, they are the innocent ones who contracted it from their mothers during birth.  There is a matron to care for the young children in the orphanage, a cook to prepare meals and at school there are 9 Teachers.  Children aged 3-6 years old are in "infant care" while primary school section ranges from P1- P7, aged 6-14.  

.Fortunate Kibombo Bukenya and his wife Hellen run the school and orphanage, they are both teachers 

COVSEI, Masaka


Tel: +256 752 541151      Email: [email protected]


Classic Outfitters Vocational Skills Empowerment Initiatives (COVSEI) is a Community Based Organization founded in 2014 with operations in the Greater Masaka region of Uganda. It employs a community led approach in addressing the development challenges faced by communities in Uganda with special focus on Orphans.
The Vision of the organization is, “An empowered community with sustainable development programs”, and the mission is, “To support Orphans in all aspects of development by addressing their diverse needs to end poverty.
The Organization values, transparency, accountability and honesty in its operations.

Since its establishment in 2014, COVSEI has undertaken various community development initiatives among which include, training of 1450 Orphans in vocational skills of their choice, conducting basic healthcare awareness campaigns in rural areas of the region, formation of 125 youth groups of orphans to enhance unity for development, supporting 30 child headed families with basic needs support and participating in youth empowerment advocacy forums in the Country.
Vocational Skills:
The Organization provides Tailoring skills to the Orphans.
Our Tailoring package includes the following topics:
Tailoring and Cutting                  Fashion and Designing
Sewing machine repairs               Tailoring Business management
Professionally the orphans are passed out /graduated as Tailors. The training equips the Orphans with skills to be able to produce a variety of Tailoring products including:
·         Shorts and trousers
·         Blouses and skirts
·         Dresses and shirts
·         Overalls and Overcoats
·         Curtains
·         Suits for Gents and Ladies
·         African fashions (Bitengi)
·         School uniforms and corporate wear

In addition to the above professional skills, Orphans are provided with other skills to enable them live sustainably. These include, Financial Literacy, Life skills, Career guidance, and Healthy Living tips to enable them cope with challenges associated with being adolescents.

Kagimu Emmanuel    Executive Director